If you are interested in an VFA outreach please contact us.



The training takes place in English

This training is our orientation for long-term workers… and if you…

have a calling to be a missionary or,

have a heart for those still unreached or,

are an intercessor standing in the gap for the nations or,

are a missions pastor / leader…

then this VFA Missions Orientations School is also for you!

Experienced Missionaries will be working with you through the following themes:

- The Church as the Basis for Mission

- Creative Discipleship Making

- Prayer and Worship Altars

- Multi-Culture Teamwork

- Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit

  – World Religions

  – The process of becoming a Missionary      


When and where:

March/April 2020

The training takes place in Edelsfeld, Germany at the VFA office center.


The Cost:

The total cost, when it includes the training, materials, food and lodging will be € 800,- pro person. Children are for free.


For further information please contact us at:

Vision for Asia – Sigraser Str. 12,   

92265 Edelsfeld, Germany                      ph: 0049 (0)9665 9021000

e-mail: info (at)